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Mil Sim Paintball at its best. Located in Tampa FL, Silent Strike Paintball Club operates on the principals of the United States Special Forces.
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PostSubject: Camp Firefight The TV Show   Camp Firefight The TV Show EmptySat Apr 24, 2010 11:12 pm

Official Press Release

We are seeking contestants for an extreme sports show. We do not want to violate your forum rules so I am asking that you post this as a press release.

What is CAMP FIREFIGHT? An extreme sports show focused around timed competition of 2 military style missions. Contestants compete in pairs by running a predetermined course, completing course objectives along the way and eliminating opposition forces known as Hunter Force. Prizes are then awarded to top scoring Contestants. CAMP FIREFIGHT will be aired on many of your favorite forums and websites. As well as regional broadcast networks starting in Ohio. CAMP FIREFIGHT will begin airing august 2010. The show will be filmed Jun 25-27th 2010.

The show will be 27 minutes total length and will feature two contestant teams per show as they run the course and compete for the best score. The show will use both fixed and gorilla cameras to capture the action. The show will be shot over the course of 3 days Jun 25-27th 2010.

There will be 12 Hunter Force members. Hunter Force will always have one goal. Stop the contestants by shooting them. Each pair of participants will choose 6 opposing hunters per mission.

Contestants will leave Camp Firefight and proceed along the course route. They will have forty five minutes to complete each course and return to Camp Firefight. Contestants will be aloud to dispatch Hunter Force members and complete course objectives using any means at their disposal providing they do not leave course boundaries or violate safety concerns.

deployment/registration info:

The set of camp firefight (located on battlefront paintball property in Ohio) will be catered and spirited by Miller's Catering of Connellsville

Sections of the field will be available for eliminated participants to play Airsoft or paintball for the remainder of the weekend.

Amped Airsoft is providing first place: TWO PTWs (valued at over $2500) and second place: TWO Echo 1s they are also providing various supporting equipment and props.

Opforce/DG is providing the participants training systems. You will not use your own aeg or gbb. You will use the one provided. The participant can and is required to bring a side arm. Opforce/DG will also be holding a raffle on the 25th for the contestants that don't make it past the first round of competition.

Our (Omen Industries) intention is to make an explosive competition show. We hope that everyone will enjoy what we feel will be a fun project for all.

Please stay tuned as we finish the shows website and open registration. Open registration begins April 26, 2010

Nemo Sicking

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Camp Firefight The TV Show
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