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Mil Sim Paintball at its best. Located in Tampa FL, Silent Strike Paintball Club operates on the principals of the United States Special Forces.
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CWO-3 Cheif Warrant Officer
CWO-3 Cheif Warrant Officer

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PostSubject: LOCAL SHOPS   LOCAL SHOPS EmptyThu Mar 18, 2010 2:41 pm

This section is for those of you that have not yet been around town and found out how extremely difficult it can be to find a paintball shop that actually has what your looking for. The locations below are places that i have either shopped at myself or have had POSITIVE feedback about.

Paintball shops:

Paintballers Inc;

This is a one stop shop for the majority of your paintball and airsoft needs. Equipment includes a decent verity of guns and hopper mods as well as a wide range of masks and tanks. They sell clothing but mostly for speedball and casual wear, nothing mil-sim. The employees can range from "helpful" to "why are you in my store" attitudes so be aware. Prices are moderate to somewhat high.
they are located of busch blvd a few miles west of 2-75

Tiki's Paintball;

I have personally not shopped in this store yet but have been told they have a great range of equipment that is slightly better then paintballers inc. From what Ive been told the staff is much friendlier and is actually a store that is associated with Orbital, the field we are currently playing at.
They are located in Brandon a few miles east of I-75 off Route 60

These next two locations are Army Surplus stores.

Army Navy Surplus Marke
t; No website

ph # 813-229-2172
open: mon-sat
: 1312 n. tampa st, tampa fl 33602.

This place is amazing if your interested in seeing an old russian/greek/iranian/ and who knows wtf else this guy is's shit. This guy has it all, if the military once used it and they had a surplus of it, he has it. This is a great spot to get all your camo clothing needs, the staff is friendly but watch out, they will sell you everything under the sun, you will be broke afterward. They supply camping, hunting, sporting goods, etc. They DO NOT however carry paintball specific supplies, they are truly just military surplus.

HEADQUARTERS Army Navy Stores "HQ";

Two Locations:
*Brandon- 146 N. Parsons Ave. Brandon Fl. 33510
ph # 813-685-8049

*Tampa- 1450 Skipper Rd. Tampa Fl. 33613
ph # 813-971-8805

Ok this place is kinda cool, the owner has stocked the walls of this place with authentic military retired equipment. From missile launchers to fighter helmets to landmine detectors and Flame throwers, they got it all on the wall. This place is great because the staff is nice but they don't harass you to buy everything they're selling and they let you shop for yourself. They carry all sorts of clothing including all the camo's and outfits as well as some sexy under garments for the ladies..... nice. They have a wide range of camping supplies and even a bunch of misc stuff i cant begin to describe. The other thing that makes this place great is that they too sell paintball and airsoft equipment. Now their selection is not the largest but it does contain good brands. I will say their prices seem to be slightly higher than what you would ideally like to pay, but not by much, and certainly not enough to deter you away from purchasing from them.

More local shops will be added to this list as i become aware of them and have personally been able to shop at them, untill then if you have the time to wait for shipping I say buy from RAP4! you can access their website by clicking the link in the (current site layout) top left hand side of your screen. By doing so you also give back to the Team as a percentage of all sales comes back to us.

Hope this helps some of you, see you around!

Last edited by Rainmaker on Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:39 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : added website for HQ, thanks justin)
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E-9 Sergeant Major
E-9 Sergeant Major

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PostSubject: Re: LOCAL SHOPS   LOCAL SHOPS EmptyFri Mar 19, 2010 12:44 pm

Brandon here is a web listing for the last posted paintball shop

This is the future of my Tippman 98....(XBOX gamertag Nashty 675)
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E-3 Private First Class
E-3 Private First Class

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PostSubject: Re: LOCAL SHOPS   LOCAL SHOPS EmptySat Mar 20, 2010 11:55 pm

Definitely like Headquarters. The Army/Navy surplus in DT Tampa...the guy only seemed concerned with taking my money rather than being a courtious store owner. But I do know if I want some tracks to cover a gap and get my vehicle across, thats the guy...the guys who's chin looks like...uh balls
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PostSubject: Re: LOCAL SHOPS   LOCAL SHOPS Empty

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