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Mil Sim Paintball at its best. Located in Tampa FL, Silent Strike Paintball Club operates on the principals of the United States Special Forces.
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 Strike Bombs

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CWO-3 Cheif Warrant Officer
CWO-3 Cheif Warrant Officer

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PostSubject: Strike Bombs   Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:17 pm

The Strike Bomb is a home made paint grenade produced by Vader and Myself. These Grenades are filled with approx 5 oz of paint mixture and pressurized at 40psi. These grenades are light weight and easy to throw, they feature a pull pin design that keeps them safe while not in use but quick and easy to arm for immediate response time.

The grenades will, upon impact, release the retention cap and propel themselves creating a killzone of more then 30 ft. They have the ability to "bounce" past barricades of "hop" over objects to kill the target that is using it for cover.

These grenades are the perfect thing to get that bunkered down opponent that just wont stick his head out.

You wont be disappointed by these grenades, so please make sure to let us know how many youll be needing and of what color so we can have your batch ready before your next big game!

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O-6 Colonel
O-6 Colonel

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PostSubject: Re: Strike Bombs   Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:18 pm

During a field test on 3/20/2010:

Blast Radius (25ft plus):
Combat Effectiveness:
Combat Dependability:
Deployment Time:
Clean up:


The Strike Paint Bomb by Silent Strike Paintball is a must have tool for Mil-Sim Paintball. This device is right on point and right on time. Its blast radius is well over the 25ft radius that the Tippmann, BT and other Paint bombs claim to have. It is very effective and dependable in combat. Their is a slight draw back when it comes to dependability. These bombd go off on contact, wich is something you cant cay about the Tippmann or BT bombs, but on the down side, if it contacts a tree branch it will go off before reaching it intended target. Not a big deal, with proper training you will hit your target every time. The blast radius is directional, meaning that the direction you throw the device is the direction the the spray will go. This is a drawback of all Paint bombs due to a tubular design.

These are verry effective. In a field test on 3/20/2010 at orbital paintball, in Tampa FL. The Strike Paint Bomb made it first apperance and got great reviews. Out of 8 deployed in battle 6 got confirmed kills. One kill was due to the match already being over, and the other hit a tree branch in mid air and exploded out of range.

These devices are very durable, and will take alot of punishment while the pin is still in place. At 6'3 285lbs i was diving and jumping all overthe place. Even landed directly on the device wile it was attached to my vest and no explosion.

All in all, i recommend these to all mil-sim players. At half the cost of major brands but will better results. To purchace your Strike Bomb today please visit our store. **Store Opens April 1st 2010**

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Strike Bombs
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